Top 10 Ways to Achieve your Resolutions

Top 10 Ways to Achieve Your Resolution  1. Begin with “Why” Often we when we set goals we immediately think of “what” and “how” we will achieve them. “What” and “how” are important, but without knowing “why” we are doing something our motivation decreases. We need to ask ourselves “Why do we want to achieve […]

The 5 Best Shoes for Utah Running Environments

Besides the body, running shoes are the most important piece of equipment for marathoners. In Utah, the abundance of public land makes trail running incredibly popular. Many runners are looking for lightweight, durable soled shoes. Finding trail running shoes is sometimes trial and error, so we have done our best to find the highest rated […]

The 5 Marathons You Must Run Before You Die

Creating a bucket list of marathons to run can be motivating and exciting. Planning for these events can be incentive enough to improve training and switch up running types. Many runners also pair family vacations with marathon events, so we have compiled a list of the best marathons to add to your bucket list. These […]

Local Area Events for After the Utah Valley Marathon

This year’s Utah Valley Marathon will take place Saturday June 8th . The event attracts many visitors from around the country. In addition to the marathon, there are numerous sites to see and events to attend before and after the marathon. Local Area Events: Friday, June 7 th , 2018 Pedal Provo Ghost Tours Downtown […]

The 4 Best Trails Runs in the Provo Area

The Provo/Orem area has some of the most beautiful terrain in the country, which is exactly why the Utah Valley Marathon has become a popular event. Many visitors to the area don’t realize that there are hundreds of trails in the area that are well-manicured and safe for running. If you are a resident or […]

Local Stores in Utah Runners Should Check Out

If You’re a Runner, Here’s Some Great Utah Stores Whether you are just getting started or are an old pro at running, getting the right gear for your run is key to maintaining your health and making the experience enjoyable. From shoes to running clothes, to fitness trackers and even the right headphones, your experience […]

Running with music? Four ways to stay safe

Jamming to your favorite tunes is a great way to make the miles fly by. While treadmill users have no problem with cranking the Wake-me-Up-Before-You-Go-Go at top volume, what about running with music on the roads?  Use these four simple tips to stay safe when running with music in your ears. 1. Run well off […]

Too hot to handle? Safe running tips for the heat

Hot in the city tonight? Baby it’s HOT outside? What’s a runner to do when the thermometer says NO but your training schedule says yes? While heat-related complications are real, here are a few tips to help you keep your cool –and keep running – in the hot summer months. Pick sunrise or sunset. Your best […]

Four-legged Friends: Tips to Safe Running with a Dog

Want to run with your DOG? I have two dog-daughters who are my most reliable training partners. They are ALWAYS game for a run (especially if we hit the trails where they can run off leash). Even if you don’t own a dog, you can probably think of a neighbor who would jump at the […]

Match-maker, make me a match! Finding the best training partner

Having a running partner is a huge part of staying motivated to train, can make racing more enjoyable and it can make you faster. But finding the right fit can be almost as hard as finding your mate on Tinder. But like all things in endurance events, the process will be well worth the reward. […]

Tips for Safe Running in the Dark

It’s daylight savings time. Hooray for longer, lighter evenings! But if you’re like many of our racers, your training happens in the wee hours of the morning before work or school. Unfortunately, this time change means even more chances that you’re running in the dark. Here are some tips to stay safe out there in […]

Winter Running Miles Really Count as Double? Heck yes!

Are you one of those hearty souls who trains day-in and day-out all winter, in the ice and snow? Our hats off to you! And we’ll surely see the results at your race in June. In the meantime, while we are still dealing with a lot of snow and cold temps in Utah, here are […]

Utah Valley 10K

Utah Valley 10K   Whether you’re a novice runner or just looking for a fun race, our 10K is the perfect summer run. Our 10K runners will be taking the last leg of our Utah Valley Marathon, starting at Canyon Crest Elementary and running into downtown Provo. The gently sloping downward course is an exciting […]

Utah Grand Slam

Utah Grand Slam   The Utah Grand Slam is a yearly competition involving four marathons across the state. It’s a fun, high impact race series for marathoners who are ready for a fully packed season, and we’re excited to be a part of it. It includes the Ogden Marathon, the Utah Valley Marathon, the Deseret […]

Utah Valley Marathon Course

Utah Valley Marathon Course   Looking for a great local marathon course that will take you on a tour of some of the most beautiful scenes that Utah Valley has to offer? Look no further than the Utah Valley Marathon. Since you train hard for your marathons, then they should reward you in kind.   […]

Utah Valley Marathon Races

Utah Valley Marathon Races   You’ve probably heard of the Utah Valley Marathon (it’s a Utah Valley tradition, after all!) but you may not be as aware of some of the other races we sponsor. We’re all about including everyone in our favorite activity, and so we wanted to make sure there would be races […]

Utah Valley Kids 1K

  Utah Valley Kids 1K   Looking for a great way to get your kids excited about fitness and about your favorite activity? We’ve put together a race especially for you and your children! The Utah Valley Kids 1K Fun Run is for kids 12 and under to experience the thrill and satisfaction of completing […]

Utah Valley K9 Dash

Utah Valley K9 Dash   Don’t leave your best friend and favorite running buddy out of the fun! The Utah Valley K9 Dash is a 5K you and your canine friend can run together. The race is open to all participants (with or without dogs) and it’s a great way to warm up for longer […]

Utah Valley Half Marathon: Everything You Need to Know to Register

Utah Valley Half Marathon: Everything You Need to Know To Register   Ready to register for a Utah favorite half marathon? Whether you’re training for a full marathon or looking for a challenging race that doesn’t require quite as much training as a marathon, the Utah Valley Half Marathon is a satisfying and beautiful course […]

Utah Valley Marathon: Everything You Need to Know to Register

Utah Valley Marathon: Everything You Need to Know to Register   You’ve put in all the work training for your marathons this season and now it’s time to make sure you’re in on all of the best races! Don’t get left out of what many Utahns consider a yearly tradition- the Utah Valley Marathon! Here’s […]

2016 Marathons You Could Run

  Training for a marathon is hard work, but the payout on race day is enormous. Whether this is your first marathon or your yearly tradition, you want to make sure that you pick a race that is going to reward you with challenge, awesome scenery, and all the perks that come with accomplishing a […]

Half Marathons in Utah

Half Marathons in Utah   With spring (finally) upon us, newbie runners and long time marathoners alike are starting to gear up for a great season of half marathons in Utah. Utah has some of the most beautiful spring scenery that a runner could wish for, and a variety of full and half marathons throughout the […]

Clif Bar Official Nutrition Sponsor of Utah Valley Marathon!

CLIF Bar is proud to be the Official Nutrition Sponsor of the Utah Valley Marathon. That means we’ll be on course with Citrus, Vanilla and Razz CLIF Shot® Energy Gel at Miles 7, 13 and 19. What is CLIF Shot® Energy Gel? Clif shot energy gel is an easily digested source of carbohydrates and electrolytes […]

ASEA Hosts Rich Roll at the Utah Valley Marathon

ASEA, the Utah Valley Marathon title sponsor, is pleased to host Rich Roll at the marathon. Rich has been drinking ASEA for more than two years. Rich Roll is a man of many hats – a wellness advocate on behalf of plant-based nutrition; an entertainment attorney; a husband and father of 4 children; the #1 […]

Coach Keena’s Training Tips Presented by ASEA

You’re probably deep into your training for June 8th. ASEA, the marathon’s title sponsor, is pleased to bring you these training tips from Coach Keena, local expert running coach. The following are some helpful training tips to get you to the start line of your big day, healthy and ready to have a great race. […]

ASEA Announces Rich Roll and James Lawrence Will Join Marathon

ASEA, the Utah Valley Marathon title sponsor, is pleased to announce that two of its athletes of national prominence will be joining the marathon. In the next few weeks look for training and nutrition trips from Rich and James. Rich Roll ( is a man of many hats – a wellness advocate on behalf of […]

Utah Valley Marathon Medical Tip # 1

Did you know that up to half of all runners suffer a lower extremity injury each year? The most common injuries are tendon injuries (achilles, patellar, etc), stress injuries to bones, IT band syndrome, and kneecap related pain. While you are training, consider these tips to keep yourself healthy: Do not increase your mileage too […]