Pain You Enjoy

The Utah Valley Marathon is truly 26.2 miles of the “Pain You Enjoy.” Running our marathon is an challenge that gives people purpose and a sense of confidence that there isn’t anything they can’t achieve if they will take on a little pain. Running through the beautiful Provo Canyon is a tranquil experience unparalleled almost anywhere else in the world. Runners come from all over the world to experience the Pain You Enjoy because of the fast average finish time, in fact, one of the fastest in the world. And its gentle downhill course not only enhances your speed but won’t beat up your legs.

The Pain You Enjoy instills the confidence and sense of accomplishment that only happens at the finish line. Running a marathon takes sacrifice. This isn’t an easy sport. But all the training, determination, dietary discipline, and pain are worth it. That’s why some runners who have already faced incredible obstacles like cancer or the loss of a limb still want to run our race. The joy you experience when you cross the finish line after months, or even years, of preparation is more rewarding than anyone can understand until they themselves have experienced the Pain You Enjoy.

Although we actually have one of the easiest marathon routes in the country, there is nothing easy about any 26.2 miles. Running a marathon takes a lot of commitment, but it will change your life. Come reach new heights. Come join us on a journey of your lifetime. Prove to yourself that you can do this. Sign up today to begin your journey of the Pain You Will Enjoy.

Runners down Provo Canyon