Subject: Important Utah Valley Marathon Update

Despite our best ongoing efforts to hold this year’s Utah Valley Marathon with staggered start times and other precautions, we have just now been informed by government officials that we will not be allowed to hold the 2020 event due to COVID-19 concerns.  In lieu of an in-person race this year, we are providing each of you with the option of a virtual race.  


All virtual runners will have the following included in their entry:


  1. 2020 Race Shirt & Race Medal delivered to your residence
  2. Virtual race results online to compare with your peers
  3. Mileage from the virtual event counts towards the mileage clubs. Learn more about mileage clubs
  4. A bonus, long-sleeve “In for the long run” shirt at the 2021 event (if you participate both years) to commemorate both the extra distance you have run and your loyalty and support for our race
  5. A good feeling inside for helping the Utah Valley Marathon stay in business for years to come



COVID-19 has been devastating for businesses, events, families, and individuals.  We have already spent nearly $200,000 on this year’s race (most of which is non-refundable to us), and this makes for a very tricky financial situation to continue the race into the future.  Every one of you who chooses to stand with our small business by running the virtual race helps ensure our survival. 

For those of you who are unable to do the virtual race, you can defer your entry to 2021, and we have removed the deferral fee.


What to do now

If you want to remain in the virtual event without changing distances, you don’t need to make any changes to your entry.  Simply submit your time after running your virtual race by clicking the “edit registration” button in your confirmation email, or by visiting here.


If you want to change distances and remain in the virtual event you can do so here.


If you decide to defer your entry, you can do so here.

The deferral deadline is May 20th.


All runners who don’t defer by May 20th will automatically be in the virtual race for 2020, and shirts/medals will begin arriving at homes by early to mid June. The deadline to submit your virtual race result is June 30th, so if you are not in tip-top shape right now, you still have a couple months to get ready for that race!

We want to thank all of you for your continued support of the Utah Valley Marathon, and we look forward to seeing those virtual race results start coming in!


Hyrum Oaks

Race Director

Utah Valley Marathon


P.S. For runners doing the virtual race in 2020, you can SAVE BIG on 2021 & secure your bonus shirt today! Registration for 2021 is now open, and the early bird prices are as follows:

Kids 1K  –  FREE

10K  –  $35

Half  –  $59

Full  –  $69

Save an extra $5 when you use promo code: COMMITTED at checkout. Register for 2021 here

The bonus shirt and discount don’t apply to those who are deferring their 2020 entry.