Utah Half Marathon FAQs

Do I need to ride the bus to the starting line?

Yes. There is not available parking at the starting line.

What time & where do I need to get on the bus?

Half-marathon loads at the Provo Towne Centre Mall located at 1200 Towne Centre Boulevard, Provo, UT 84601  (northeast side of the mall), on the perimeter road surrounding the parking lot.

Course changes are requiring wave starts at the half marathon. The 4 bus loading times are 3:00 AM, 3:25 AM, 3:50 AM & 4:15 AM (your bus loading time corresponds to your wave start time).

After you complete your half-marathon, we will have buses available to take you back to the Provo Towne Centre Mall and your car. Those buses will be parked on 100 S, one block south of the finish area. The buses make continuous trips back to the mall until 11:30 A.M.

This location does not bus for the Full Marathon. Click here for Full Marathon bus pick up information.

Is this Utah half marathon a USATF certified course?

Yes. The Utah Half Marathon is USATF sanctioned and certified.

Where are the aid stations?

The aid stations will be at miles: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13.1. Each aid station will have both water and sports drink. Oranges and bananas will be provided at miles 2, 8, and 11. The mile 6 aid station will be equipped with GU.

Where are good locations to cheer?

There are many good locations to cheer along University Avenue in Provo, and a few locations in the canyon with parking. If you choose to go cheer for your athletes in the canyon be very cautious of the runners and vehicles. The traffic is limited to one Provo bound lane, and may be difficult to cross. The parks we recomend for best spectating in the canyon include: Mount Timpanogos Park, Canyon Glen Park & Nunn’s Park.

Is the course chip timed?

Yes. Half marathon runners will be timed with chips located on the back side of the bib numbers. It is required that your bib number remain on the front side of your shirt (preferably chest high), so that the mats will read your chip properly. Please do not alter or fold your bib number in any way, so that your chip will be read. At the end of the race you may keep your timing chip.

Are there any discounts to hotels for half marathon runners?

Yes. We have a great hotel in Provo that has offered great rates when you mention the Utah Valley Marathon. It is highly recommended that you stay at this hotel if you are in the half marathon, because it is closest to where we will pick up half marathon athletes. Marathon athletes are picked up in front of the Marriot Hotel in downtown Provo, but half marathon athletes will be bused from the Provo Towne Centre Mall. Click here for details.

What is the time limit for completing this Utah Half Marathon?

The half marathon enjoys a walker-friendly 6 hour time limit (the duration that the full marathon is open).

Are wheelchairs allowed?

Wheelchairs are welcome in half marathon. Wheelchairs and handcycles are no longer allowed in the full marathon distance due to safety concerns. However, we are now allowing both handcycles and wheelchairs into the half marathon distance. There will be awards for both handcycle and wheelchair athletes in the half marathon.

Are strollers allowed?

Due to safety concerns strollers are not allowed in the full marathon, half marathon, or 10K. Strollers are allowed in our 5K and FREE Kids 1k. Learn more about and register for our 5K and FREE Kids 1k here. 

Are the miles marked?

Yes. However, please note that you will also see mile markers for the full marathon along the race course.

What parts of Utah County does the half marathon go through?

The marathon goes through Provo, Orem, and county property. See the half marathon map for more information.

Is there a place I can drop off my sweats during the half marathon?

Yes. At the starting line a truck will take items back to the finish. We highly recommend you put your items in a bag with your race number on it. This will help sort your items at the finish area. Clothing dropped at any other point along the course will be considered a donation to Deseret Industries.

Where is packet pick-up, and when?

Packet pick-up will be inside the Utah Valley Convention Center (220 W Center St., Provo) from 10 A.M. to 8:30 P.M. on Friday, May 31st, 2024.

What is the average temperature on race day?

The average low is 53 and the average high is 85. Our early start time allows athletes to finish before the highest temperature of the day.