Utah Valley Marathon Map & Description

A Fast Paced Scenic Utah Marathon


  • Begin north west on E. Main Canyon Rd.
  • Left at 200 S.
  • Right at S. Center Street
  • Left at W. Main Street
  • Left at US 189
  • Left at Old Provo Canyon Road (by Olmstead Diversion Dam)
  • Right at Nuns Park Rd. (follow onto Provo River Trail)
  • Divert onto US 189 at Welcome to Provo sign
  • Cross to East Side of Road at 5200 N.
  • Stay on University Ave until the finish at Center St in Provo
Utah Valley Marathon Relay runners

A Fast and Scenic Marathon Course

The Utah Valley Marathon course is both scenic and fast.  You will notice in the elevation chart above that the course is almost entirely downhill.  There are a couple small climbs, but this is a predominantly downhill race.  You have a net loss of over 1700 feet in elevation.  The other unique feature about the race that will aid your speed is that there are no turns  on the course after mile 7.  Fewer turns helps you run faster (every 90 degree turn in a race is a momentum killer), and fewer turns helps prevent runners from going off course. After you set your PR on our easy and fast course be sure to ring our PR bell in the finish, so people can join you in the celebration. The race runs by the Beautiful Deer Creek Reservoir, Provo River, Provo Canyon, and the mountains in all directions.  Join us this June!