Compare Utah Marathons

There are many Utah marathons, and each Utah marathon has unique characteristics that make it an enjoyable experience. Here we will discuss the Utah Marathons with some of their defining characteristics all on one page.

Marathons in Utah included in the Utah Grand Slam

Utah Valley Marathon (June)

The fastest of Utah Marathons, and One of the fastest Boston Marathon Qualifying courses in the nation. The beautiful canyon views and waterfall are some of the many reasons this is the fastest growing of all Utah Marathons. This race features a gentle downhill that will aid your speed, but offer a quick recovery after the race. The distribution of downhill is unique in that the first and second half of the course has nearly identical net drops. There is a net drop of 1750 ft. over the course of the marathon. This race has about 3000 participants in the full marathon.

In 2013, MarathonGuide.com identified the Utah Valley Marathon as one of the top 25 marathons in the USA that qualfied finishers for the Boston Marathon

2013 Average Finish Time: 4:16:34

Park City Marathon (August)
This course offers grand views of Park City. Many people chose this marathon as a vacation experience for the many things to do around Park City. This Utah Marathon begins and ends in the same area so there is no net elevation change.
2013 Average Finish Time: 4:31:37.

Top of Utah Marathon (September)
This marathon in Utah is a great alternative to the St. George Marathon. Many people get ready for a marathon in the fall, but aren’t accepted into the St. George Marathon lottery. This marathon experiences a net drop of 1081 ft.
2012 average finish time of 4:26:44

St. George Marathon (October)
Currently the largest marathon in Utah with over 7,000 participants. This is a fast course with very unique red rock views. It is a well organized marathon that has a few decades of experiences with runners.
2012 Average Finish Time 4:19:30

Alternate Utah Marathons in the Grand Slam

Ogden Marathon (May)
This is one of the only marathons that has a relay option in Utah. Marathons in Utah often run through a scenic canyon, and this race has that benefit. It offers one of the faster courses, and is well organized. The course has a net drop of 1142′.
2013 Average Finish Time: 4:22:25

Deseret News Marathon (July)
Of all marathons in Utah this race has the longest history. It is connected with the Days of 47 Celebration in Salt Lake. The last few miles of the race go along the parade route. This course has a net drop of 3178.
2013 Average finish time: 4:17:25

Other Utah Marathons

Salt Lake City Marathon (April)
Utah marathons almost always have a half marathon associated with the race, and this race has nearly four times as many participants in the half marathon as they have for their full marathon. The course has a net drop of 541′.
2013 Average Finish Time: 4:30:19

Huff to Bluff Marathon (May)
2011 was the Inaugural year for this Utah Marathon. This course experiences roughly 1600 feet of net elevation drop. The route has a couple challenging hills in the second half, but is a predominantly downhill route. The race is put on by Four Corners Sports.
2013 Average Finish Time: 4:21:59

Bear Lake Marathon (June)
Most Utah Marathons are on Saturdays, and this race is not any different, but what is different is this organization puts on another Bear Lake Marathon that is on the Idaho side of Bear Lake the day before (Friday).
2013 Average Finish Time: 5:10:33

Layton Marathon (October)
Utah Marathons are seldom Olympic Qualifiers, because they have too much net downhill, but this race is an Olympic Qualifying Marathon. This course actually has a slight net gain in elevation.
2013 Average Finish Time: 4:34:27

Sojo Marathon (October)
This is one of the newest Utah Marathons. This course experiences roughly 1100 feet of net elevation drop. Unlike most other Utah Marathons this marathon finishes on grass.
2010 Average Finish Time: Not available

Trail Utah Marathons

  • Timp Trail Marathon & Half Marathon (May)
  • Skyline Mountain Marathon (August)
  • Mid Mountain Marathon (September)
  • Little Grand Canyon Marathon (September)
  • Moab Trail Marathon (November)