Boston Marathon Qualifier Rewards

Boston Marathon Qualifiers Receive a Race Discount

If you ran the Utah Valley marathon or any USATF marathon with a time that fits the 2024 Boston Marathon qualifying standards, we want to reward you for your excellent performance with a $10 discount (not valid with any other discounts) to run the Utah Valley Marathon. The Boston Marathon qualifying standards are at the bottom of this page. Please contact us for a code to use during your marathon online registration.

Boston Qualifiers on Utah Valley Marathon Course Are Rewarded

All athletes that complete our marathon with a time that would qualify for the Boston Marathon will receive a Utah Valley Marathon shirt that says “Boston Qualifier”. This shirt is a free reward to those that complete the Utah Valley Marathon under the indicated standards at the bottom of the page. These shirts will be awarded at the finish area of the marathon. Please help us know when you have qualified. We will try our best to just know when you have qualified, but there are many different standards with different ages, so please make sure we give you the shirt if you earn it.

Boston Marathon Qualifying Standards

For the 2024 Boston Marathon, qualifying performances must be run on or after September 1, 2022 in marathons which have been certified by USA Track and Field or foreign equivalent.

  • Age on Boston Marathon race date that they are participating in determines qualifying time.
  • The B.A.A. accepts net times from electric timing and scoring systems.
  • Athletes are 18-years or older on or before the Boston Marathon they are participating in.
  • The B.A.A. reserves the right to reject any entry, issue special invitations, cancel the race, expand or further limit the field, or adjust the entry procedures.
  • Seeding is based on qualifying times, which are subject to review and verification.

Boston Marathon Qualification Standards:

Age GroupMenWomen
18-343hrs 00min 00sec3hrs 30min 00sec
35-393hrs 05min 00sec3hrs 35min 00sec
40-443hrs 10min 00sec3hrs 40min 00sec
45-493hrs 20min 00sec3hrs 50min 00sec
50-543hrs 25min 00sec3hrs 55min 00sec
55-593hrs 35min 00sec4hrs 05min 00sec
60-643hrs 50min 00sec4hrs 20min 00sec
65-694hrs 05min 00sec4hrs 35min 00sec
70-744hrs 20min 00sec4hrs 50min 00sec
75-794hrs 35min 00sec5hrs 05min 00sec
80 and over4hrs 50min 00sec5hrs 20min 00sec


The USATF Certification number for the Utah Valley Marathon is UT23003TJD. This number will be needed when signing up to run the Boston Marathon.

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Each and every year the Utah Valley Marathon brings people their person record times which of course helps in the efforts to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  In fact we have created a PR Gong that participants are encouraged to ring in the finish area when they run their PR.  Not only are you going to set your PR on this fast course, but you will hear that gong ringing constantly.  Come run with us this June and be sure to ring the gong after you set your personal best time!