Utah Valley Marathon Races

Utah Valley Marathon Races


You’ve probably heard of the Utah Valley Marathon (it’s a Utah Valley tradition, after all!) but you may not be as aware of some of the other races we sponsor. We’re all about including everyone in our favorite activity, and so we wanted to make sure there would be races available for people of all ages and abilities. Below are some of the other options available for runners who maybe aren’t ready for a marathon but would like to be part of a past time that is quintessentially Utah.


Utah Valley Marathon

The Utah Valley Marathon has become a yearly tradition in Utah Valley, and for a good reason. The race takes runners through a course where they get a wonderful view of the gorgeous mountains, pristine reservoir, and historic beauty of downtown Provo. The varied nature of the course reflects the varied nature of Utah itself, and is a great way to embrace Utah Valley in all of its glory while doing something you love. Register today to make sure you get a spot in this popular race.


Utah Valley Half

A half marathon is still quite the feat without requiring quite as much training as a full marathon. Our half marathon goes through some of the same areas as the Utah Valley Marathon does, so you’ll still be treated to a lot of the same beautiful Utah scenery as you would if you had opted for the full marathon. It’s a great way to participate in a Utah Valley tradition, or a great way to train for a longer marathon later in the season. Register soon to make sure you get to be a part of this fun race!


Utah Valley 10K

A 10K is the perfect length for runners of all skill levels. You’ll run the last few miles of the course for the Utah Valley Marathon and be greeted by a cheering crowd as you reach the final run to the finish line. There will be prizes available for all finishers and awards for the top 3 finishers from each age group and gender. Register today! This race is incredibly affordable.


Kids 1K Fun Run

If you’re wanting to introduce your kids to the thrill and satisfaction of completing a race, our Kids 1K Fun Run is perfect! Kids will run into a finishing chute and be cheered on to the finish line by friends and family. Each child will get a medal and a t-shirt upon finishing, and everyone will be treated to refreshments and festivities at the finish line! This low-key race is perfect for children and their parents to have fun and just enjoy a short run. Register today– it’s free! Only children need to be registered, and you can choose to run with your child or not.


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