Tips for Safe Running in the Dark

It’s daylight savings time. Hooray for longer, lighter evenings! But if you’re like many of our racers, your training happens in the wee hours of the morning before work or school. Unfortunately, this time change means even more chances that you’re running in the dark. Here are some tips to stay safe out there in the dark.

1. Be aware.

Simply being aware can be the difference between minutes or seconds of preventing an accident, especially in the dark when it becomes harder to distinguish objects from people.

2. Carry an ID on you.

Whether it’s a driver’s license in your pocket or an ID bracelet, it will prove useful if first responders need to identify you and contact loved ones.

3.Run against traffic.

Facing traffic as you run not only provides drivers a clear view of what’s ahead of them, but also gives you a visual of oncoming vehicles in case you need to make any last-minute maneuvers.

4. Run with a buddy or join a running group.

As cliché as it may sound, safety is truly greater in numbers. Avoid running solo after dark in poorly lit areas.

5. Bring a cellphone.

A phone can prove useful for utilizing special tracking apps and/or simply to call someone when you’re in a pinch

6. Ditch the headphones.

Or if you must listen to music, leave a single earbud in so the other ear can hear for oncoming cars, trains—and even people

7. Wear reflective or brightly colored clothing.

These days there’s plenty of neon, light-reflecting run apparel and shoes designed for the night-conscious runner. Wearing a headlamp also helps to light the way and works to alert vehicles of your presence before it’s too late.