Review of the Sand Hollow Marathon

Sand Hollow Marathon Race Information

The Sand Hollow Marathon is typically run in March every year, and if you haven’t yet had a chance to run this course, you’ll be impressed by everything that makes this race. Starting and ending in Hurricane, Utah, this course has been newly developed. You can reach St. George in 20 minutes, Zion National Park in 30 minutes and Vegas in 2 hours, so if you are on your way to Vegas why not register and stop for the Sand Hollow Marathon? 

This course is said to be the most scenic of all, and as a race in a small town, you can enjoy the scenery while you run to the finish line. The volunteers and sponsors are as enthusiastic about the Sand Hollow Marathon as the runners themselves, and this is evident in the excellent organization that goes into making this race happen. Southern Utah is known for the warm weather, which is why this race is the perfect one to kick off the Spring.

There are three different race options with the Sand Hollow Marathon; you can run the full marathon of 26.2 miles and starting at 7am. You can also run the Fast Half, which is 13.1 miles and is ready to go at 7.30am. Lastly, you can run the Hill Half, which is a challenging run at the turning point for the full marathon. This one starts at 7.30am, too, so prompt attendance is a must! All of the races start at the Hurricane Rec Center. Registration opens in October, and as you get to choose your own race, you get the feeling that the race organizers care what you think. 

As part of your race registration fee, you get a race t-shirt, which is well worth missing a couple of hours sleep. The sign-in on the day opens the evening before, from 6pm – 9pm. Otherwise, you can sign in on the Saturday 6am – 6.30am. It’s during registration that you will get your race bag and meet the coordinators, and when you get to the start line, you can enjoy hot chocolate and treats while you wait for other runners. At the end of the Sand Hollow Marathon, you’ll be given a participation medal to keep. There are also cash prizes available for grabs for the first three men and women overall, and there is even a prize for the best costume. The aim is to increase the prize pot as the race grows so that more prizes can be won!

Red Dog Events has put a lot of effort into the Sand Hollow Marathon, and that is evident by the aid stands filled with fresh fruit, water, Gatorade and friendly volunteers who clamber to get involved in the community. Runners will love the scenery as they race, and the sense of achievement at the end is one that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

Sand Hollow Marathon Race Review

You are in for a total treat if you have never run the Sand Hollow Marathon before. The whole course was newly developed for 2019 for runners of the Sand Hollow Marathon, the Fast Half and the Hill Half. The beautiful town of Hurricane, Utah is the setting for the Sand Hollow Marathon, and it loops around the Sand Hollow State Park and Reservoir. Many of the runners will want to take a million photos given that the scenery includes snow-capped mountains along the way. 

Runners of the Sand Hollow Marathon will love the personal service, with the race director caring enough to offer help along the way. The race director made the race feel like it was tailored for runners by asking their preferences of what goes into swag bags, what should go on the aid stations and even the food that’s available at the finish line. This makes the entire experience worth it as you can feel how much effort has been put into the day.

Every consideration has been made for runners, from the food on offer at the aid stations and the finish line to the fact that it starts indoors to keep warm and that’s where you end up at the end of the race. There’s one large hill through the race, but the course is mostly flat, so there’s plenty to enjoy. The first in each age group gets a prize, with a printout of time given to everyone who completes the race. It’s a small race with up to 200 participants, so it’s essential that you bring your music as it can get a little lonely at the end for some. 

There are unbelievable views in a rural setting, and you can do it on your way to your Vegas vacation if you want! As the race is held in early Spring, the fact that it’s a challenge is enough to warm your muscles as you go. There is no room for spectators and crowds given that the route is rural, but how many marathons do you know of hand out bacon and steak bites at the aid stations? None! The Red Dog Event coordinators have gone all out for the runners, and it’s so appreciated when you’ve been running a good few miles. There are free digital race pics handed out, and the fact the race is small makes it a low key one to run. The course support is excellent, and there are plenty of bathrooms along the way. At the end of the race, you can collect a beautiful medal to mark the occasion.

With plenty of rolling hills along the way, you are going to feel challenged, but isn’t that the point of the Sand Hollow Marathon? It’s definitely a marathon to recommend to friends and family looking to run somewhere new, and it’s the perfect addition to a long weekend in Utah if you are looking for something to do. The race coordinators are very responsive to suggestions, so make sure that you ask if you have any questions and you make some suggestions about what you’d like to see!