Review of the Cedar City Half Marathon

Cedar City Half Marathon Race Information

Typically taking place in September every year, the Cedar City Half Marathon is based in Utah. Cedar Canyon makes for a particularly beautiful place to race thanks to the gradual downhill descent and the stunning red rock formations, tree-covered hills and mountains. Runners will be able to take place in what organizers are calling the nation’s fastest half marathon course in Utah.

This point to point course begins just south of the Cedar Breaks National Monument, on the edge of Cedar City. The elevation of the race is at 8,200 feet, and the end of the race at Cedar City sits at 5,800 feet, so it’s quite the downward slope! During the Cedar City Half Marathon, the runners will run through the Canyon Trail, cross Highway 14 and join up the North Highland Drive. The last couple of miles in this Cedar City Half Marathon are mostly flat as they move into the finish line. 

The Cedar City Half Marathon Race begins at 8.30am, with the buses doing loading and pick up at Woods Ranch from 7-7.30am. 2019 marks the 10th year of the Cedar City Half Marathon, and runners will have the road to themselves as the roads are shut. The whole canyon is closed to all vehicles during race time. For 2019, there is no additional Trail Run where there would usually be. Every single finisher of the Cedar City Half Marathon has their name announced as they approach the finish chute, with a medal and lanyard placed around their neck. They also get a friendly high five from the organizers as they arrive!

There is a refreshment tent at the end of the Cedar City Half Marathon filled with water, chocolate milk, First Endurance, popsicles and fruit trays with energy bars, too! Each runner is up for a prize if they are in the top three within each age group. Overall male and female winners and the top three from each group will get a prize, certificate and have their names announced on the podium. Buses will take runners to the Cedar City Half Marathon from Woods Ranch to the start line, and the bus loading begins at 7am. The fee for the Cedar City Half Marathon is $65, and this includes the unique runner’s shirt that everyone gets to run in. 

Every two miles throughout the race, there are aid stations. These have cups of water and Powerade blister supplies and first aiders. There are also port-a-potties for those who need a quick stop!

This crisp, fresh-air course is designed to challenge runners while they have fun. The Cedar City Half Marathon is all about the runner experience, and as much as possible, coordinators will make this day one to remember for each runner who takes part. The 2019 Cedar City Half Marathon is registering right now, closing in 11 days. The run is 3 hours long from 8.30am – 11.30am, so being on time is essential!

Cedar City Half Marathon Race Review

The Cedar City Half Marathon is about to embark on the tenth-anniversary race this coming September, and it’s exciting to be a part of it if you’re in the running community. Half paved, half trail, this race isn’t the easiest one to do, but it is one of the most spectacular half marathons to be a part of. Due to the 7am starting time, all runners are able to enjoy the sounds of Coal Creek in the early morning sunshine, and the Cedar City Half Marathon takes all runners through some of the most majestic rock formations to the mouth of the Cedar Canyon.

For those who are in love with training and running marathons, this is the perfect opener for the full marathons that are held locally a few weeks after the Cedar City Half Marathon. The whole course is 13.1 miles, and it’s one of the fastest to run, so race fanatics will get a rush with this one. Usually, there is a Trail Run to enjoy, but that’s not taking place this year!

It’s one of the prettiest courses that you can run, and there are some exciting extras that most other races don’t get, including a band in full regalia serenading the runners with bagpipes at the 12-mile marker!

The beauty of this Cedar City Half Marathon taking place in September is the scenery. The Fall colors are out in bloom, which gives runners the chance to see precisely why it’s been called one of the best destinations for seeing the Fall foliage. When you run down through the park, you run right over a bridge and get a fantastic view of the water along the way. You also get to run with coasters swooping down overhead, and as a fast and flat course, it suits all runners! There’s plenty of swag to be had with the Cedar City Half Marathon, too, with medals and certificates for finishers. The refreshments are plenty and given that a few hundred people run the Cedar City Half Marathon, it’s welcome at the end of the race. 

There’s plenty of space for spectators to watch if they can’t get involved, and there are markers for each mile along the trail so that you know exactly where you are as you go. If you can tear your eyes off the scenery for long enough, you’ll know when to slow down for a quick sip of water along the trail aid stations. 

The Cedar City Half Marathon is not the easiest race to run, but it’s one that you will enjoy running from the very beginning. If you come down on time, you can enjoy a celebration at the finish line and feel exhilarated that you made it! It’s best to leave your valuables behind with a friend; the last thing you want to is to run sharply downhill and lose your smartphone along the way!