Saturday Marathon

One of the Best Saturday Marathons in the Country

We are puzzled why there are far more Sunday marathons in the country than Saturday marathons. Even outside of a religious perspective, it seems to be a better fit to run a marathon on Saturday. This is especially true if you have to travel. It seems that it would be uncomfortable to run a marathon and fly home the same day in order to be back for work on Monday. With a Saturday marathon, you can run your race, fly back home the next day, and still have a day to recover before returning back to work. Many people may just ask for a few days off to recover after running a marathon, but for those who need little recovery time to be able to return to work first thing Monday morning, a Saturday marathon is a great fit.

We are confident that we have one of the best Saturday marathons in the country. You will enjoy a scenic route that is fast. The beauty of Deer Creek Reservoir and Provo Canyon with its waterfalls are tough scenery to beat on a marathon course. We also offer great convenience for out of state athletes. The race finishes at the intersection of University Ave. and Center St. in Provo, which are only a couple blocks from our sponsor hotel. This race has a lot of food and fun at the finish area, and the expo is in the mall making all the race experiences in close proximity for people staying at one of our two sponsor hotels.

There are many reasons why runners can enjoy the Utah Valley Marathon. We encourage all who prefer running a marathon on Saturday that offers speed and beauty to come and join us every year on the second Saturday in June for a spectacular Provo Marathon experience.