Is this the Provo Marathon?

I recently heard about the Provo Marathon. Is this the same race, or is there a different Provo Marathon?

Some confusion exists with the name “Provo Marathon”. The name of our race is actually the Utah Valley Marathon. The Utah Valley Marathon takes place in Provo, Utah, and often people will refer to this race as the “Provo Marathon”, because of its location. What causes the confusion is that there are actually two other marathons in Provo. One is literally called the “Provo Marathon” and has between 7-50 participants a year. The other marathon in Provo is called the “Provo City Marathon”. The Provo City Marathon draws a couple hundred runners. The Utah Valley Marathon is what most people are referring to when they say “Provo Marathon.” The Utah Valley Marathon draws thousands of participants and sells out each year.

We apologize for the location confusion. We hope you will join us at our next “Provo Marathon” on the second Saturday each June.

Why should I run in your Provo Marathon?

There are several reasons why we think you should run in the Utah Valley Marathon.

  • The Utah Valley Marathon is a USA Track & Field sanctioned event with a certified course.
  • Our Provo marathon is respected enough to be part of the Utah Grand Slam, which consists of four (4) prestigious marathons throughout Utah.
  • The race benefits numerous charities.
  • In January 2013, the Utah Valley Marathon was named Small Business of the Year by the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce.
  • The Utah Valley Marathon has been featured in both Runner’s World and Running Times magazines.

Please support our Provo marathon and sign up today!