We are looking forward to and making preparations for an in-person race in 2021.  We believe the upcoming availability of vaccines gives better confidence and allowance for a regular format race.


While some reports indicate that it may take beyond June for every citizen to receive a vaccine, we have been told by the CDC that the goal behind quarantines and restrictions is to avoid overburdening our hospitals. We believe we will naturally see a reduction in the hospitalizations as more and more people in the high-risk categories are given the vaccine.


In Utah, the rec centers and gyms have been open since May, and the indoor air poses a larger risk than our outside event.  If the situation still requires, we will provide wave starts along with many other precautions to keep everyone distanced and safe.


Everyone has seen that this disease has been a moving target regarding which events and activities are allowed versus restricted.  With that in mind, if the government ends up requiring a cancelation of an in-person experience, we will give everyone the option of rolling their entry to 2022 with no deferral fee, or the option to do a virtual race.  We have a high level of confidence that our scheduled in-person event will occur in June due to the great success with the development of the Vaccines, as well as the additional data which has continued to show that the disease is of greatest risk indoors.  We will continue to monitor the situation closely.  However, we believe we can provide you with a safe in-person experience, and we can’t wait to see you in June!