K9 Dash Information

Date: Friday, June 9th, 2017
Location: Paul Ream Wilderness Park – Provo, Utah
Start Time: 7:00 PM
Dog Required: No

Utah Valley K9 Dash Presented by


The K9 Dash is a 5K that includes man’s best friend. Run with your dog the evening before all of the other running events associated with the Utah Valley Marathon. In the K9 Dash 5K, it is permissible to run with or without a dog. If you choose to run with your dog, a leash is required at all times. This is a city ordinance and a requirement of the race for the safety of the runners and the other dogs that are a part of the venue. For the safety of the dogs and runners, all dogs must have had their rabies vaccination. We ask that all participants bring a bag to clean up any droppings from your dogs.

This 5K with dogs features a nice, easy, flat course (view course).  All participants will get a tech shirt, and a finisher’s medallion.  The dogs that complete the race with the owners will receive a doggy tag. Whether you are a dog enthusiast, or are simply looking for a good warm up run the evening before the marathon join us at this doggy 5K event.

A Stunning Venue


636 Independence Ave.
Provo, Utah


636 Independence Ave.
Provo, Utah

Pricing Schedule

Registration is limited to the first 500 participants


through February 1, 2017


through May 10, 2017


through March 1, 2017


through June 7, 2017


through April 5, 2017