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The Utah Valley Marathon, Half Marathon & 10K benefit four charitable organizations. The first charity we benefit is Mentors International. Mentors International helps people in poverty come out of it through a mentoring and loan program that has lifted 3 million people out of poverty. The second charity we donate to is the Mac’s Gift Children’s Cancer Foundation (formerly know as the Children with Cancer Christmas Foundation). This foundation donates 100% of their received money to help children with cancer. The third charity we benefit is Road to Success. This charity help get children reading with rewards programs administered through elementary schools throughout Utah. The final charity we donate to is CharitySight (formerly Deseret International). They help children in financially oppressed nations with corrective surgeries. We like being a charitable marathon, and we hope you will support us and our charitable cause.

The Utah Valley Marathon is excited to announce that we’ve added Crowdrise to allow runners to fundraise for any of our charities. Crowdrise is a recognized leader in crowdsourced, charity funding! Runners can go the the official Utah Valley Marathon Crowdrise page to begin their run for a good cause.

Road to Success

The Success in Education Foundation is a public charity founded in August 2011 to promote excellence in education, increase literacy, and help Utah students prepare for post-secondary education. The foundation is driven by a commitment to excellence in education and a desire to contribute in a meaningful way to every student’s educational experience. We seek to motivate students to improve academically by working with schools to reward educational accomplishments. Our vision is to bring together students, families, teachers, administrators, and our community in achieving our goals of 90% of all school age children reading at or above grade level, and 67% of high school students obtaining academic degrees or skilled trade certificates

The Road to Success program is one of the programs of the Success in Education Foundation, and is now in its sixth year. The program currently has 241 participating schools, with 165,000 students and 11,000 faculty and staff. The Success in Education Foundation’s commitment is to provide a framework with tools for educators to help students, and incentives to motivate students to READ EVERY DAY. Schools participating in the Road to Success are enthusiastic about the positive impact of the program, and improving test scores are a testament to the transformational effects of the program. The best investment we can make in our community is to ensure that our children can read, and the Road to Success program is an effective way to make that investment. Along with our title sponsors, the Ken Garff Automotive Group and Zions Bank; and many community sponsors, partners, and participants, the Success in Education Foundation thanks you for helping Utah students stay on the Road to Success!

To learn more, visit their web site at http://www.rtsutah.com/

Mentors International is Helping People Get Out of Poverty

Mentors is helping to eradicate poverty by empowering the working poor through micro-loans and mentoring, ensuring pride & self-sufficiency. Mentors International was founded in 1990 by Menlo Smith after he spent three years working on a humanitarian mission in the Philippines. He was determined to find a way to find a proactive way to lift the poor in developing countries from poverty. Since our inception, Mentors has provided 2.75 million individuals microloans lifting over 3 million individuals out of poverty, with an average of 96% repayment rate.

Mentors now has a total of seven partner organizations in each of the largest cities of the Philippines (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao), and one each in Guatemala, Peru, El Salvador, and Honduras. Each organization has its own local board of directors and native staff, but is a legal subsidiary of Mentors International and is supervised by the U.S. management team. Mentors also provides start-up support, training, operational funding and loan capital for its partner organizations. To find out more about Mentors and to view videos of some of the families that we have helped, please go to:mentorsinternational.org

Mac’s Gift Children’s Cancer Foundation

Mac’s Gift, formerly known as the Children with Cancer Christmas Foundation, was founded on the idea of helping children in need. A child that is struggling with cancer is especially worthy of protection and care.

There are various organizations that do tremendous good providing support and financing for research and study to find a cure. Children with Cancer Christmas Foundation salutes their efforts, however the emotional needs of these children and their families are what the foundation is designed to help.

To learn more, visit their website at www.MacsGift.com

Charity Vision

CVision Utah Valley Marathon
Vision Image Utah Valley Marathon

A subsidiary of Deseret International Foundation, Charity Vision is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with a focus on empowering local physicians in the developing world and creating sustainable solutions to the worldwide blindness epidemic.

Charity Vision works with skilled local physicians and provide them with the surgical equipment and supplies they need to be successful. They provide their talent and time at no cost. they supply them with whatever it takes to restore sight to people in their own communities. The result is a network of developing health systems that perform charitable surgeries free of charge.

Since 1984, they’ve provided over 350,000 free surgeries to people suffering from needless blindness and other debilitating health problems. We average about 30,000 new procedures a year. Our average cost of one sight restoring procedure is a mere $25.

  • Over 90% of the blind live in developing countries.
  • Over 80% of blindness can be cured.
  • Every minute a child goes blind.

The need is great. Please join us. Your donation WILL change a life. See how you can get involved at: http://www.restoretheirvision.org/